Transform 2024: I’m Giving You The ‘Secret’ For Your Next Uplevel
Posted on January 3, 2024

I  know you’re probably doing all the ‘New Year’ things right now…tis the season!

Picking your word of the year.

Setting client roster and revenue goals.

Creating your offer suite and when to roll each one out.

But let’s be real…your next Uplevel isn’t on the backend of this planning.

Otherwise, you would have reached those and wouldn’t have them as goals for ANOTHER year.

In this livestream, I’m going to break down the real ‘secret’ to your next Uplevel.  This is a tricky one but we’re going to unpack this together.

This isn’t just another motivational talk…this is real sh** that will move you forward so that you get bigger results in 2024 than you’ve ever had before!

We’re combining profound insights with practical steps as you navigate this new year.  Whether you’re new on your entrepreneurial journey and just setting goals OR you’ve been here a minute and have made the same goals over and over again…this convo is for YOU!

This year let’s break the cycle and level up in a way you’ve never done before!

It’s in my FB Group Peaceful + Profitable Entrepreneurs this Wednesday at 12pm EST so be sure to join live OR catch the replay and drop your questions if you have any!  We have a special giveaway for someone who joins live or comments on the replay!

** This video is from a livestream that occurs every Wednesday at 12pm EST in my Facebook Group, Peaceful + Profitable Entrepreneurs.  This is a group for business owners who want to use data to make decisions from a neutral place AND create more take-home pay.  

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