TOTAL Eyeroll….
Posted on February 5, 2023

I know…eyeroll 🙄

But I LOVE working out! 🏋️‍♀️

When I was young, I would record my own ‘workout videos’ and give them to my mom as gifts! I would put on my gymnastics leotard, play my favorite cassette tape, and hit ‘record’ on our family VHS recorder. 🎥

Working out is just something I genuinely love doing! As a result, I’m in better shape now than I was in my teens and 20’s because it is SO important to me and how I love starting my day. 💪

I also get better results than someone who *makes* themself go to the gym so they can lose some pounds or maintain their weight.

I’ve talked to people who begrudgingly work out. As a result, they don’t have great results!

This is the SAME thing for business. If we love being a business owner AND love the business of business we get more revenue and more clients!

When someone says they went into business because they love one specific part of their business but dread the ‘business stuff’ I see them stay stagnant with their revenue and income.

“Jordan, there is NO way I will ever love bookkeeping or sales tax, or posting online, or doing my website, etc etc.” I totally hear you!

➡️ How can you love the process of it?
➡️ How can you find someone to support you in those tasks and you can love working with them?

You can create a process for these tasks, hand them over to someone, and then LOVE how that person supports you and love collaborating with them. 🤗

I’m not saying you have to love doing every single thing in your business BUT you do need to find a way to love running that process.

A business owner I talked to knew she needed to have an online presence but did not enjoy posting. I told her, “You can pay someone to do that.”

Her eyes got so big and a💡went off over her head! This is such a powerful realization.

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