Tom Petty Today!
Posted on March 14, 2023

“And I’m free, free fallin’, Yeah I’m free, free fallin’” -Tom Petty 🎶

If I said, “Everything in your schedule is taken care of, it’s all paid for and set up, let’s go skydiving right now!” 🪂

What would you say?

I bet half the people would say “Yes” and half would say “No”. Despite their answer, they still have one thing in common….fear. Even the people who said “Yes” have fear but they still do it.

I think that’s so interesting to look at it from that perspective. We all are human, we all have fear!

Some people can just acknowledge it and say, “Yes, I see you fear” they don’t let it hold them back. They don’t let the fear dictate their actions.

What would open up for you if you acknowledged fear and moved past it?

Our advisory services are here to ask the “What if” questions, dream your big dreams, and then create the mindset- strategy- organization- implementation to get there!

It’s easy to stay in the path of least resistance…but is that what you really want? What fear can you face head-on as you head into the weekend?

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