To hire or not to hire? 🙃
Posted on November 26, 2022

It is SUCH a hard situation….they want to hire me so they can book more clients and become more profitable but they don’t know if they can hire me because they need more clients and need to be more profitable!

My ❤️ goes out to business owners when we have these calls!

I spoke to a business owner the other day and her business has grown. She is profitable and gets her work from referrals.

This is great BUT she is so dependent on those referrals and never *knows* when new work will come in.

She has great testimonials and her clients love her but word-of-mouth is her only piece of the ‘sales process’. It speaks volumes about her work but she feels very uneasy because she doesn’t have a process for building relationships with potential clients.

She felt like she needed to book more clients before she could work with me but she knows I will help her create a sales process and book more clients.

That is such a tough place to be. I know that if we can just hit “pause” on our business for a minute, we can understand so much.

Something I know to be true is, that the earlier we get the support we need, the more our business can grow and serve us. Hands down…💯%.

I told her that I don’t have a 🪄 to fix everything but we will fix it together. We will create a sales process that feels good to her AND supports her people. We will create an organic marketing strategy that will connect her with her amazing potential clients. We will create a streamlined process for onboarding and supporting her clients and she will know the numbers in her business and how she can pay herself and save for taxes.

The reason it’s hard for her to get support is the exact reason it’s so important for her to get it.

Tell me in the comments…have you ever had a 🐓or 🥚situation?

Jordan Ilderton

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