Tiny Cup
Posted on September 9, 2022

My 5-year-old likes to use a tiny cup to put water in my large monstera. She walks from the kitchen to the porch over and over and over to bring it enough water. 💦🪴

Sometimes in business, as we learn and grow, we do things that aren’t what someone with more experience would call *right*.

Not in a detrimental way but just in a messy and unnecessary way that doesn’t lead to big results.

I am 💯% about creating a business YOUR way!

👐 down, your secret sauce, not following a template or someone else’s path to success, but yours!

However, I am not down with making things messy and difficult for no good reason.

That’s why I love working with clients where they are NOW and moving to tighter systems, a rinse and repeat sales process, and more revenue (whatever level is NEXT for them).

👉 It doesn’t matter if your books are a mess (or not done at all).
👉 It doesn’t matter if you don’t know if you’re profitable.
👉 It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand your expenses or COGS.

The beautiful thing is that we can change this easily and without sacrificing your vision!

We can figure out if you’re profitable! We can get your expenses under control and no longer hidden in plain view. We can figure out what your services are costing you to make/produce.

This is such powerful information. You didn’t open your business because you knew how to do this but life becomes more difficult without this secret weapon.

Unnecessarily messy and difficult. (Like bringing tiny little cups of water over and over to a large plant.)

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