Time Is Your Biggest Asset
Posted on February 5, 2023

If time is our most valuable asset…how are you spending yours? ⏳

Sometimes we feel like we’re spinning our wheels but it doesn’t matter.

The GOOD news is that time is an even playing field! We all have the same 2️⃣4️⃣ hours to use every day.

I don’t know your situation but I’m going to be real here….productivity comes down to priorities. What is a priority to us is what we make time for.

This can be frustrating and liberating at the same time.

Instead of saying, “I don’t have time to…” just say, “That’s not a priority to me.” How does that feel? If it feels true then great…freedom! If it doesn’t feel true then let’s change how you’re showing up every day and MAKE it a priority!

How you spend your day is a reflection of you and what is important to you. Look at your priorities…does your current schedule reflect that?

If not, shake some stuff up! If you aren’t making time for your priorities, the first step is to own it. No more complaining. Especially about results. If you didn’t do the work you don’t get to complain.

Start by writing everything down. Our brains are meant to generate ideas and create. Our brains are not meant to be a treasure chest to just store everything. If you have a team, write it down maybe in your shared Google docs or your platform for client work. Wherever and whatever it is…write it down.

Then prioritize! Look at it and figure out what is important and what is urgent. I can tell you now that not every “urgent” thing is an important thing. Distinguish between the two for your business.

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