This was a real advertisement for one of my first businesses!
Posted on November 8, 2022


I was definitely in elementary school when I made this!

My favorite part is, “She’ll go threw hot sun to get it done!” ☀️😂

This was a real ‘advertisement’ for one of my first businesses!

“Starting businesses” was something I always loved doing as a kid, even though we really didn’t have any entrepreneurs in our family (that I was aware of) as an example.

It surprises me how often I hear business owners say some version of, “I’m a reluctant business owner.”

Meaning, they have a 🎁, they ❤️ what they do, and they want to make 💰 doing it, but the “business” side of it always leaves them feeling overwhelmed, inadequate, unqualified, or any other synonym you can think of.

My opinion? ANYONE can be a business owner who loves their ‘job’ and is well-compensated for it!

You don’t need a family history of entrepreneurs, you don’t need a business background or MBA, and you don’t even need ‘experience’’.

What do you need to be a successful business owner?

👉 You need to know and understand people.
👉 You need to be able to get curious and try new things (and keep trying even when it doesn’t appear to be working).

To me, that is literally it!

Wherever you are right now…is perfect!

I’ll tell you a little secret 🤫, MOST business owners feel unqualified, like it’s not working, or overwhelmed at some point.

But they don’t make themselves wrong AND they don’t give up!

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