This sounds so silly
Posted on February 8, 2024

but my workout routine was in a rut. Yes, I worked out daily but I was only maintaining and it was getting boring.

For my birthday, I bought myself a TA Online Subscription. My husband laughed because I talked about this SO much before I purchased it.

It wasn’t a cheap monthly subscription and I already had an annual subscription to Bodi.

I had a hard time pulling the trigger and rationalizing it.

But the truth was….I knew I was stuck and wanted something to pull me out of it. As I move into my 40s, health is a big priority for me!

🙌 This is your sign to get support if your revenue has plateaued.

Maybe you feel like you just ‘can’t pull the trigger’.

Or ‘now isn’t the time’.

If you’ve hit a revenue ceiling or can’t get past a certain client number….I want to help you!

I have 2️⃣ intensives opening in February. Is one meant to be yours?
Is it your time to bust through your revenue plateau and finally hit that next level THIS year?

We can use this time to look at your messaging. Are you speaking to the problem you solve? Are you connecting the dots for your potential clients? Are you sharing why YOU are the one they need to hire (like ASAP)?

This is how you bring in more leads, more clients, and YES more revenue…your messaging needs to be on-point. Otherwise, you’re just wasting your time when you post on social media or pay your VA to get some content up.

To make this a no-brainer, your best next step is to grab a FREE $10k Content Strategy Audit call for more clients + cash! This is FREE 1:1 support and opens the door to the conversation and the support that is possible. If you’re feeling like you’re tired of being ‘stuck’ at your current level…this call is for you!

Just like my fitness routine plateaued even though I already had the ‘right’ things in place….your business may need you to shake things up!

Don’t let another year go by with a muddled message that equals inconsistent cash + clients. NOW is your time…are you ready?

Your spot is waiting for you! 🎉 Comment “$10k” to grab your spot!

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