This may make me a weirdo but 👇🏼
Posted on March 25, 2024

💪🏽 Early AM workouts are my fav!

🥬 I drink smoothies all day long.

🍫 I stopped drinking booze and just indulge in dark chocolate.

🫶🏽 AND I think it’s FUN to build a business, figure out what works, and keep tweaking until I
(and my clients)
get the results we want.

This last one is why I’ve not only been in biz for 8 years and scaled to $20k cash months

>> from my start as a $35/hr bookkeeper<<

It’s also why I am the best person to support the sh** out of my clients! 💫

Half the time I’m probably more excited about their biz + goals than they are. 😂

And not from a ‘delusional Pollyanna’ POV but from a ‘Let’s do this sh**’ mindset!

When you can be THAT excited about building a biz…the clients + cash just fall into place.

Yes, we’re focused on results but we aren’t squeezing them so tightly that we don’t enjoy game that is biz.

When you treat your biz like a game + enjoy the process of building it you will:

– have a full roster of premium clients💵
– create 5️⃣ figure months that just don’t 🛑
– and have the best f’n time in your biz! ❤️

Maybe all this makes me a weirdo but with 34 consecutive 5️⃣ figure months under my belt…I’ll take it!

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