This is costing you ⤵️
Posted on March 25, 2024

The most surprising pattern that keeps you from making $10k months…

Not giving yourself permission to make $10k months.

I can already hear your 🙄 and the “F* you Jordan” but truly….we are the block.

We can only receive as many clients/money/goodness as we allow ourselves to receive.

Yes I am a no-fluff strategy girl AND I know that many of these self-limiting beliefs are things you received from someone else

*Hard truth*…it’s your job to work through them.

Working through self-limiting beliefs (regardless of where they came from) is on US.

I’ve talked to so many business owners who are wet-their-pants scared of failing in their business. They won’t even allow themself to think about ‘what if it works?’

Are you someone who can’t permit yourself to be the $10k a month business owner?

If not, guess who else can’t give themself permission? Your potential clients!

Once you work through your sh** and decide that you’re worthy to be full and receive the $10k you want every month…you can hold someone else through that.

Part of why someone isn’t hiring you is because…they can’t give themself permission.

Two tips for you here:
1️⃣ Give yourself the time/space to name and claim what you want. Write it down. Journal on it. Post it somewhere.
2️⃣ Give your potential clients the time/space to see this and work through their BS. If you don’t, you’re just co-signing their own BS.

And if you’re ready to get out of your own way, give yourself permission so that you can repackage your DFY service skills into an offer that will be your path to $10k months I got you!

As someone who has navigated a pivot from a $35/hour bookkeeper (with a CPA background) to a 1:1 high-level coach with $20k months….I am the BEST person to support you.

You don’t have to do this alone. Together we’ll identify those rockstar DFY service skills and repackage them so that you can serve clients more deeply AND make bank without working more.

Comment “YES” to get the link to my schedule and grab your spot!

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