This is costing you…⤵️
Posted on June 5, 2024

When you offer a done-for-you service that trades time for money and now you’re pivoting to a higher-ticket done-with-you offer.

Remember how quickly your DFY services used to sell out?
You’d announce your open spots, set your price, and watch the clients book in.

Now with your coaching/course/mastermind offer, you’re questioning if you can do it.

You wonder if you need more training.

Or ask, “Who the hell am I to step out of my lane?”

Let me introduce you to that nagging voice of uncertainty.

Let’s call her “”Ursula.”” Yes, Ursula represents fear, hesitation, and self-doubt.
She’s loud, insistent, and seems impossible to silence.

I’m very familiar with her….when I pivoted from hourly bookkeeping to 1:1 coaching…

Ursula cost me—not just peace of mind but potentially hundreds of thousands in missed revenue + clients.

But what if I told you that you could manage Ursula, rather than letting her control you?

She’s scared and needs to be heard.

Invite Ursula in for tea.

Listen to what she has to say. Acknowledging her fears is the 1st step towards diminishing her power over you.

By naming this voice, you can dismiss her quicker: “”Thanks, Ursula, but I’ve got this.”” 💪

When you know this is just one of the many voices that pop into your head you realize you DON’T have to listen.

You can choose a new voice instead.

I’ve seen Ursula cost DFY service providers pivoting to high-ticket hundreds of thousands of dollars. She is loud and powerful but she can be tamed!

When you learn to listen to her and put her in her place…that’s when you fill your roster and sell out your course!

Do you have a name for your inner voice of doubt? Sharing it could be your first step towards taking back control. Drop it below!

Let’s reclaim our confidence and blow up our bank accounts together!

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