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Posted on March 25, 2024

I made myself a pact a long time ago that if someone wasn’t ‘ready’ or too scared to work with me, that I wouldn’t be the coach that left them with “My door is always open….”

That’s BS.
It doesn’t serve either of us.

If someone was giving me the “I don’t have the money” or “Now isn’t the right time” I wasn’t just going to slink under the table.

I made a pact with myself that:
➡️ I was going to go ‘there’ and ask the questions.

➡️ I was going to be the person who ask questions about what’s *really* going on.

➡️ I would give them a safe space to say, “Actually I’m scared as f**k that I won’t get a ROI” or “My husband keeps wondering when I’m going to make money so I feel too scared to spend any”.

Even if they aren’t hiring me right now at least we BOTH know why they *actually* aren’t hiring me.

When they know what the *actual* reason under their money objection, they can choose whether they want to keep believing that or not. They can see that they are more empowered than they give themself credit for.

On my end, I know the *actual* reason doesn’t have jacksh** to do with me, my offer, or even how much the investment is.

And I’m not spinning myself out thinking something is ‘wrong’ and my brain isn’t trying to create problems that just don’t exist.

You don’t have to have this exact same pact with yourself…but my call to you…figure out your own version of this.

How are you willing to be there for your potential client in a way that MOST service providers just aren’t?

THAT is the magic…becuase even if they don’t buy from you now…they will remember that you were there for them when they were in fear, getting in their own way, and buying their brain’s BS stories.

And when they’re ready to put that sh** down…they’ll be hiring YOU!

Drop an emoji if you’re with me and save this as motivation when you’re ready to go ‘there’ with your potential clients!

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