Think you can’t make $100k this year AND have a business you love?
Posted on January 23, 2024

Stop scrolling now and read this!

When I started in the online space I kept hearing people say, “Build a business you love” and that made sense to me but…what didn’t make sense?

Was the fact that I built a business I loved but it didn’t pay me what I loved and wasn’t paying the bills.

It was confusing. It was frustrating. What was I missing? 😩

I journaled. I visualized. I said my daily affirmations. And yet…I wasn’t booking clients.

Fast forward 33 consecutive $10k months later….

And I can tell you what I’ve learned. You can build a business you love AND there is a framework to do this so that you book clients AND make $100k THIS year!

Business isn’t a cut + paste situation but there IS a step-by-step process to create $10k months. If you’re not making five-figure months you’re probably missing this process.

Most multi-six-figure business coaches will NOT tell you what I’m unpacking in this month’s FREE masterclass Your Six-Figure Plan: Make 2024 the year you join the $100k club.

But I AM because I remember how f’n frustrating it was to build a business I loved but didn’t convert into cash + clients.

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