Think you aren’t the type of DFY service provider to make $10k + months?
Posted on June 5, 2024

Stop scrolling now and read this! ⬇️

If you think making $10k plus months involves:

👉🏻 a slimy DM strategy
👉🏻 putting on the pressure to ‘overcome’ objections
👉🏻 collecting payment on the phone and asking someone to sell a 💍 (joking but not)!

Think again! 🤔

I see so many DFY service providers hold themselves back from $10k recurring cash months because they think they’ll have to turn sleazy to do it.

Basically, they think to sell high-ticket and make bank they need to be gross!

Nope…you just get to be yourself!

If you’ve shied away from high-ticket because of the ick factor you’re doing yourself AND your potential clients a huge disservice.

Selling high-ticket doesn’t require ick but it DOES require a switch…Your Six-Figure Switch!

That’s why I’m going deep and giving you my free training Your Six-Figure Switch: How the savviest DFY service providers pivot to DWY for $10k (plus) months!

You don’t have to morph into someone else…in this training, you’ll learn my method for creating $10k months that just don’t 🛑 without the ick, sleaze, or pressure.

When you grab your seat you’ll get access to my step-by-step playbook and live stream that walk you through the structure countless clients have used to blow up their bank accounts + reclaim their time ALL in a ❤️ centered, client-focused way!

Don’t hold yourself back from the $10k months you desire just because you see the slime some other coaches put out there. 🤢

You don’t have to be like them but you DO need my method!

Comment ‘SWITCH’ or check my bio to grab the 🔗!

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