These are legit things people have said to me as reasons not to work together 👇
Posted on March 14, 2023

“You cost more than my tax preparer”
“I need to get my pilot’s license”
“My last coach charged ½ that”
“I need to get a divorce”

I don’t claim to be the low-price leader and I 💯% believe that you get what you pay for.

I also know that our human brains are simple and when things get scary or stretchy we shut down and listen to our excuses.

👉 We don’t want to fail.
👉 We don’t want to let ourselves down.
👉 We may not trust ourselves to show up.

Yes, it can be scary to go ALL in on yourself and your business.

Yes, it can feel safer to want to wait until everything is perfectly *ready*.

Our big dreams and goals can feel scary and our brains want to keep us safe, cozy, warm, AND not do the big/scary thing.

I’m not here to get you to a YES. If it’s not the right fit….that is amazing information to know!

😊 I am here to get you to be honest with yourself and what you SO desire for your business.
😊 I am here to support you to create a sales process that works for you and where you always have people in your pipeline wanting to buy from you.
😊 I am here to ideate with you on your offers, pricing, and when you ask “what’s next?”
😊 I am here to get you in front of your audience and other audiences so that when you make an offer…they’re ready to buy!

We have a team to support you with bookkeeping so you can keep up with all the new revenue coming in and not feel stressed about it!

I’m not here to beat anyone else’s price.

I’m good at what I do.

I’ve built my own multi-six-figure business and helped countless clients do the same.

I’ve been in this online space for 7️⃣ years.

I would love to hear…what objections have you heard to your offer?

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