There’s questionable activity at a neighbor’s house. 🕵🏻‍♀️
Posted on October 9, 2022

My neighbor and I joke we’d make a good detective team! 🔎

Basically, we aren’t scared to get nosy (we are moms after all)!

It’s funny but it’s true…I was thinking about it and realized this is why I’m so damn good at my job!

I’m not afraid to:
➡️ ask business owners how they feel about selling.
➡️ ask if they’re taking home their ideal owner pay.
➡️ ask if they’re doing what they love vs not wanting to turn down money.
➡️ pull numbers that may change their perspective on what they *knew* about their business.

I am always SO thankful for how open and honest people are with me (my clients AND my free calls). Sometimes people tell me things they don’t say to anyone else! I don’t take this lightly!

I love being a ‘safe’ person to talk to about their business and money. I love opening that 🚪 for them.

We ALL do this as business owners. We use our 🎁 to create safety for other people so they can be peaceful and profitable.

What safe space do you create for people in your business? Drop a comment below!

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