The WHO Not the HOW
Posted on March 23, 2022

Have you heard the idea that it’s the Who Not How?  

It’s a whole book but basically, it’s the idea that you don’t have to learn HOW to do everything.  You just need to find the right people to do it!  

If you run your business by figuring out “how” to do everything you are limited to what you can learn and accomplish as an individual.

Instead of asking ourselves, “How do I do this?” or “How will I reach my goals?” we need to be asking ourselves, “Who will help me do this?” and “Who will help me reach my goals?”

Take an honest look at your business.  Are there areas that you are struggling to do because you’re trying to DIY?  Areas where you spend time learning how to do the thing when you could just outsource someone to do it faster and better?

For me, it was my ego.  For years I had a DIY website that was barely hanging on!  I would Google how to add a search button or my calendar link, and it got done but…I could have used that time to actually build my business!

When I finally outsourced that area, WOW!  You should see my website now!  I am so proud of it.  Turia Web Design did an amazing job.

The point is…we all have our limitations.  I’m here to work with business owners who are tired of trying to figure out QuickBooks Online for themselves.  

They’re tired of trying to figure out how to create a budget.  

They’re tired of trying to figure out revenue projections.

They’re tired of trying to calculate their fixed costs.  

Or, and this is my favorite, need help figuring out how to pay themself!

I’d love to hear from YOU!  

What have you implemented in your business (or home) that has been a game-changer?  Something that was taken off your plate to free up your time to better serve your business or family?

I love talking to business owners and you can schedule a free call.  My calendar link is:


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