The truth about my pop moment and first $10k month….
Posted on June 5, 2024

I had been an hourly bookkeeper for FIVE years before I pivoted to coaching and hit $12k cash in one month!

Yes I had to pivot to a high-ticket offer to get there…that is the foundation piece AND see below for more details on a FREE offer to support you in this!

The 2nd foundational piece that people forget or get wrong is….I had to be sold on myself first!

I know…cheeseball, right?

If you want to pivot from hourly DFY services to a high-touch/high-ticket offer the person you have to sell FIRST is you!

Honestly…you can’t sell your premium offer to someone else until you are sold on it.

Until you can see the value, the expertise, why YOU over someone else…you can’t support a potential client to see those things.

Even while navigating objections around your high-ticket offer. It gets so much easier when you know that YOU are the best service the person in front of you can spend their time and money on.

After pivoting from hourly DFY bookkeeping to a 1:1 coaching offer that brings in $20k cash months…here are 2 tips to get you started:
1️⃣ How can you feel ‘enough’ before you even book a client? If you’re always looking externally for that validation or to feel ‘enough’ it’s never going to come.
2️⃣ Why are your services what your potential clients need even if (and when) they think they ‘don’t have the money/time’?

Go deep answering these questions!

If you’re feeling like you’re a DFY service provider who is tired of the hourly hustle and ready to create a high-ticket offer so you can finally reach those 10k months…

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