The Truth About Being In The Gap That Doesn’t Get Talked About Near Enough (A candid conversation)
Posted on January 10, 2024

You have big goals this year AND it’s going to take a minute for some of those strategies to actualize in 3D and show up as money in your bank account.

And yeah…that’s totally NORMAL!

The online space will have you believe that if you visualize enough, say enough affirmations, or work hard enough…you’re golden.

Those are all pieces of booking clients + having deposits roll into your bank account but it’s not the whole story and can lead you down a shame spiral when your results don’t come in 2.5 seconds.

Let’s normalize what an uplevel looks like and what being in the gap looks like.  This session is all about embracing the journey and redefining success in realistic and empowering terms.

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