The surprising way to take home more income without working more 👇
Posted on August 20, 2022

Are you taking home the income for the work you’re doing?

When you’re not making the income you want but you feel like you’re working constantly, there is a huge disconnect!

You feel like you’re literally working all the time but don’t have anything to show for it. What’s going on?

My first advice when my 1️⃣:1️⃣ clients come to me with this? Try time blocking!

This is a way to prioritize and schedule specific tasks and activities on your calendar. It helps structure your day and decrease decision fatigue so that you can have more mental space, which means that you can focus on revenue-generating activities so you can take home more money. 🙌

You can make it as simple or complicated as you want…the key is to make it work for you! Time blocking and time tracking go together.

You can see how much you’re actually working in your business.

You can see if the activities you’re doing are actually things that will get you more clients and more money.

I love putting numbers on paper with my 1:1 clients because they don’t lie!

Working together, my clients sometimes realize so much of their time is actually going to team management or answering emails or following up with clients. This means they aren’t generating new clients, potential customers or additional revenue.

Want to give time blocking a try so you can get an honest look at your numbers for more clarity on your actions and strategy to scale (and actually pay yourself more without working more)?

DM me and I’ll send you my simple excel spreadsheet for time blocking. You can tweak it to suit you but the framework is already there! 📲

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