The strategy that booked three 1:1 client renewals and one new 1:1 client in April 👇
Posted on June 5, 2024

Okay, to say there’s ‘one thing’ would leave out so much context

AND…there is something important to share that you can use/steal in your own business if you’re a DFY service provider pivoting to DWY for $10k plus months.

And that is…

⭐️That I LOVE supporting my clients in a 1:1 container!⭐️

I don’t offer 1:1 because I read that it was ‘the’ way to make money online.
Or because I saw other people doing it and figured I would as well.

I offer exclusive 1:1 support because I love going deep with my clients, getting to know their business, and supporting them in between their sessions so that they can work through their mindset shiz and implement their sales + marketing strategies faster.

This may not be the same for you….but find an offer that you LOVE to do and would do it for free if you had to!

That is when your clients love working with you that they don’t want to leave.
That is when people find you on the internet and want to hire you because they feel so deeply how much you care about your work and put your whole a$$ into!
You’re not the service provider trying to do the least amount of work for the most amount of money.

If there was one ‘hack’ for the results I have it comes back to the fact that I fundamentally love this work!

And my clients + potential clients can tell the difference!

If you are ready to repackage your bada$$ DFY services into an offer that truly lights you the F up AND has the payment notifications rolling in…

Grab exclusive access to Your Six-Figure Switch: How the savviest DFY service providers pivot to DWY for $10k plus months!

This FREE training gives you the pivotal shifts you need to successfully create, launch, and sell out a high-ticket offer.

I’m giving you the playbook + livestream that walks you through the fundamental mindset and strategy pieces needed, I give you client examples, and I’ll show you how to avoid what most DFY service providers get wrong when they try to pivot to DWY!

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