The strategy that booked my 1:1 client three high-ticket sales in ONE week….
Posted on June 5, 2024

First, let’s be real that it’s not just ONE thing.

I’ve worked with this client for years to make sure the offer is solid and is something that people want to pay top dollar for.

We’ve nailed the messaging so that it connects to the audience and has them seeing this offer as a ‘need to have’ vs a ‘nice to have’.

We’ve also created a holistic marketing strategy so they’re consistently showing up and connecting with her audience and in front of other audiences.

But even with all of that…she got on her coaching call with me and was surprised that someone she thought would be a ‘slam dunk’ to hire her… didn’t!

We spent the entire call around this so I’m going to share it with you here + this will be a game-changer in selling your high ticket offer!

My client’s issue is that on the sales call she wasn’t REALLY listening to what they wanted.

She showed up to the call, listened a bit, and then was 5 steps ahead of the person with all the ways she could support the sh** out of them.

But…her potential client wasn’t there yet!

Maybe you do this too…maybe you KNOW you want to work with someone as soon as you have a call and you’re SO excited about it that you forget to listen to what they really want and tie your services back to THAT.

Here’s my invitation for you….SLOW DOWN.
Repeat back to them what you hear and ask if you are understanding correctly.
Tie that back to the work you do and why it solves the problem they have.

We can get SO excited that we skip over really hearing + understanding them.

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