The simplicity of it could make me cry.
Posted on October 9, 2022

Coffee in the AM. Rosé in the afternoon.

Playing off the dock. Sitting on the dock.

Sandwich for lunch. Easy skillet meal for dinner.

Reading on the porch. Reading on the dock.

Watching a sunrise. Watching a sunset.

Being in Rockville is so simple and beautiful. We don’t have all the choices and distractions that we have at home.

Rockville is simple and uncomplicated. Home is more complicated.

Business is simple but we complicate that as well.

Second guessing ourselves. Thinking someone else has the ‘answer’. Switching strategies. Not following through on our strategy. Dropping out of the sales process, and…and…and…

We *think* simple means it won’t work or that’s just too easy. Our brains like a problem to solve.

I invite you to uncomplicate business. How can you look at your business and make it simple again?

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