The ONE strategy that will transform your DFY services into $10k months👇
Posted on March 25, 2024

It’s not about the perfect funnel or the slickest DM strategy.

The one strategy that took me from $35/hour to $20k cash months? Going ALL in on myself.

❌Not half a$$ed.
❌Not “we’ll see if this works”
❌Or “let the business prove to me that it will be successful”.


It was a blind and unrelenting self-trust to go all in on myself and my business. It was seeing that I needed support and trusting myself to get the right support.

Even after joining programs that didn’t deliver as hoped, I saw the gap and filled it by partnering with a 1:1 coach. That self-trust to get support was the move that has transformed my business (and me).

Think self-trust and going ALL in on yourself isn’t as easy as a freebie pdf download? You’re right.

But that’s the beauty- it’s the *real* game-changer that levels the playing filed. Those other business owners you see skyrocketing their revenue? They’ve got self-trust in spades.

And I know you probably didn’t want it to be something like self-trust to go ALL in on yourself and your business.

But this is the BEST news because you can start now with $0 to you.

Start small: See the things that you’ve gotten ‘right’. The areas that you already have self-trust. These are the seeds that will support you to grow and built it.

Your journey to $10k months begins with self-trust and the right support. I’ve been guiding clients through this for years- you want my expertise in your corner.
Your best next step is to grab my FREE Strategy Session: Create Your High Ticket Offer.

On this call, we’ll pull together all those places where you DO have self-trust. Where you have gone ALL in on yourself and it ‘worked’. We’ll take those skills and repackage them into a new offer that you can roll out to attract premium clients with a premium price tag.

Taking your DFY services and turning them into $10k months takes self-trust AND it will probably take getting some support to get it off the ground.

Grab the link in my bio or comment “YES” to secure your spot!

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