The key to more peace and profit in your business
Posted on November 8, 2022

“Give that baby some milk!” 👩🏻‍🍼-words from many well-meaning family members when my girls were babies and cried.

I’m a previous NICU nurse. Getting my babies on a feeding and napping schedule was important to me, especially for daughters #2️⃣ and #3️⃣, when it made our days so much more predictable!

When someone suggested I feed my baby every time they cried- I thanked them and tried to get curious to figure out what else could be going on.

❓Was it a dirty diaper?
❓Were they tired?
❓Were they hot or cold?
❓Did they want someone to play with them?

This is exactly what I ask my clients to do in their business. Get curious and ask questions! Asking the right questions, and solving the right problems is THE 🗝 to more peace ☮️ and profit 💰 in your business.

🧐 Do we need to focus on increasing revenue?
🧐 Do we need to sell more each week?
🧐 Do we need to focus on outreach for the next launch?
🧐 Do we need to show up more consistently online and connect with our people?
🧐 Do we need to speak to objections more and meet people where they are?

There are so many questions and each level has a new layer.

Every business is as different as the business owner! I think it’s fun to figure out what the business is telling us and where we should focus our attention.

What are you focusing on right now in your business?

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