The free call hack that works every time and got my client an additional $8k in revenue ⤵️
Posted on March 25, 2024

Let’s say that a free call or free audit is part of your client journey.

1st…this is a POWERFUL first step for a potential client to take! They get a free taste of what it’s like to work with you which makes it way more likely to buy from you.

Would you buy a car without a free test drive? Don’t you want to put the lotion on your hands to feel and smell it before you buy it? I’m raising my hand 🙋🏻‍♀️ here and the online space and your services are no different!

What’s the hack that ‘works’ every time?

Give your potential clients a bada$$ experience and tailor your offer to what they want!

Did you think I was going to say ‘Have the perfect sales script’ or ‘Know how to bust through objections’?


The reason it’s NOT either the perfect sales script or the perfect way to bust through objections is because every.single.person that is in front of you is unique.

They may have similar challenges and pain points but the work you do with them will be SO individual that it just doesn’t make sense to stop the personal experience when you pitch and give them a canned script.

They just got this amazing 1:1 support from you on their call and then all of a sudden you switch into ‘robot mode’ and spew out a canned script that someone else gave you.

It just doesn’t compute!

So the ‘hack’ here is to serve the sh** out of the person in front of you. What do THEY want?
What’s holding THEM back?

Not what some ‘sales guru’ or YouTube channel told you to say.

When you personalize your sales conversation to the person in front of you…you will increase conversions hands down.

I can’t give you an *exact* % but I CAN tell you that one of my clients added $8k to her monthly revenue just by getting focused on this.

If you’re not sure how to personalize your calls in this way…I GOT you! Grab my FREE Strategy Audit: Create Your High Ticket Offer. On this call, we’ll let you practice how to personalize your offer so that the person in front of you is a “Hell yes I need to buy from her!”

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