The Difference Between Selling a $200 and $2k offer…what you need to know to sell an offer at ANY price point.
Posted on May 1, 2024

Maybe you’re an OBM who hasn’t been able to get people to sign up for your $200/month retainer and you’re scratching your head how the f**k you’re going to get someone to pay $2k a month for your higher-ticket offer.

My answer on how to sell a $2k if you haven’t been successful selling your $200 offer will blow your mind!

AND I’m going to share with you how to sell and offer at ANY price point.

It’s not a complicated funnel.  It’s not a copy/paste DM.  It’s not an email template.

If you know me and how I roll…you already know those tactics are BS.  I’m only here for genuine, heart-centered, effective strategies. 

I’m going to share the *actual* strategies for you to sell a $2k offer even if you haven’t had success with your $200 offer.

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