The biggest objection I hear by far? 👇
Posted on November 26, 2022

“I can’t afford it.”

I totally get that being business owners we are super conscious of our costs.

However, sometimes talking to business owners I hear things where they are literally leaving money on the table.


They are doing something soooo incorrectly or inefficient that it’s going to get them later.

An example is sales tax. If done incorrectly, a sales tax audit will end up costing not just the sales tax they should have collected and didn’t. But also the interest and fees on those taxes.

Those are costs that can be in the thousands of dollars and come very unexpected! 💸

Whereas if you have a squeaky clean process from the beginning (which may take time and money to set up) it will still cost you less in the long run.

And help you sleep better at night! 😴

There are so many things that many business owners don’t know that they don’t know!

That’s why working with someone can be so helpful! Your books and processes are set up to support your vision and help you sleep at night!

Personally, I have done things in my business DIY and it ended up costing me more because a professional had to come in and fix it! Haha I’ve learned to accept my limitations and now gladly hand it over!

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Jordan Ilderton

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