The biggest misconception about hiring a 1:1 business coach…
Posted on February 8, 2024

thinking you need to already ‘be successful’ and have bags of money sitting around to invest in your business.

Let me tell you what coaching *really* looks like!

My clients would tell you they don’t have ‘enough money’.

Or that they don’t have ‘enough time’.

Basically, no business owners feel like they have money and time sitting around to invest in their business.

But here’s the cool part…even though my clients don’t feel like they have enough money…

Many of them increased their net income by hundreds of thousands of dollars from 2022 to 2023.

Many of them booked more clients and filled their rosters.

Many brought in thousands of dollars of NEW revenue from our work together.

If you’re feeling like you don’t have the money to invest in your business…you’re not alone.

But my point of view is seeing the literal dollars that come from 1:1 support.

I’ve supported clients for 8 years and I’ve seen the backend of all sizes and phases of business. I know not only what goes into building revenue but also building more PROFIT.

Business owners who have hired me saw what they were doing alone wasn’t growing their business. It wasn’t booking clients.

I have a 1:1 spot opening in February. Is it meant to be yours?

Are you ready for the life-changing support that having someone in your corner can offer?

Just like my client who had a net loss of $915 and turned it around into $121k of net income…you can too!

Or my client who had a net loss of $132k in 2022 and hired me in January 2023….her net income was $82k in 2023.

Give yourself some free support to see what it’s like! Comment “$10k” to grab your spot for my FREE $10k Content Strategy Audit coaching call. Together, we’ll look at your business and find the right gap to close so that you can turn your business around, book more clients, and finally fill your client roster to max capacity!

THIS is your year and your time!


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