The biggest misconception about building recurring $10k months as a DFY service provider. 👇🏼
Posted on June 5, 2024

Creating recurring $10k months isn’t a ‘nice to have’ it’s actually a ‘need to have’.

We hear $10k months get thrown around so much that we take for granted it’s a very practical number.

Creating $10k monthly revenue is typically what you need so that you can pay your team, save for taxes, pay for healthcare expenses, and retirement savings, and pay yourself enough to replace your corporate salary.

$10k monthly recurring revenue is what my clients need because their family relies on their income.

MRR isn’t just ‘fun money’ it’s necessary money.

That’s why I’m always talking about $10k months and the biggest misconception is that it HAS to come from your business.

In an ideal world, YES it would.
And in time, it will!

But I see so many biz owners put SO much pressure on the biz thinking their revenue all has to come from it.

Many of my clients work for someone else one day a week or a couple of times a month just to bring in extra cash until the biz does it all for them.

This not only gives them $ but it takes the pressure off the business.
They can keep certifications current.
And gives them an outside perspective they can bring to their biz, use to support clients, and give them content ideas.

If you need cash outside of your biz…you’re not getting it wrong!

Another way to create $10k months is with a high ticket offer.

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