The 5 things I wish I’d known before I pivoted from hourly DFY to high-ticket DWY…
Posted on June 5, 2024

1️⃣ You need a well-thought-out customer journey to build relationships.

Posting “I have 2 spots open” worked great with DFY services but when you charge a high-ticket price you need to build a deeper relationship with someone and create easy next steps for them to deepen their connection with you.

2️⃣ You need to be a better marketer.

Don’t get mad because I’m just the messenger here…but while you may have thought you were ‘good at marketing’ with DFY you’ll realize that for a high-ticket offer, your messaging needs to be on point and in the head of the person who is going to buy from you.

3️⃣ Be sold on your value & what you bring to the table.

If you’re waiting for someone to pay you so that you can realize you’re worth it or that your offer is good enough…you will slow down your conversions and the cash you bring in.

4️⃣ You need a well-thought-out offer- not just copy/paste what made someone else money.

This is 2024…you can’t just see what other people are doing to make money and slap something together and call it ‘high ticket’. Business owners are savvy and that sh** doesn’t work anymore.

This is the nucleus of making $10k plus months and you need to put in the time and effort to bring your skills together in a container that has you stand out in this crowded online space.

5️⃣ Be able to handle a higher level of objections.

Again…don’t hate the messenger! You’ve got to see objections as a question and not a ‘no’.

You’ve got to be able to sit with someone when they can’t give themself permission.

My 1:1 clients LOVE their unlimited in-between session support because they can pop in when someone has stickiness around the price of their offer. They have me in their back pocket to ideate with them and understand what’s *really* going on for the person in front of them.

This helps increase conversions which is why my clients create their first $5k and $10k months from working together!

DM me “SoldOut” for access to my schedule so that you can get 1:1 support to see your #1 gap to close when selling out your high-ticket offer.

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