“That shirt makes your boobs look big” was a comment I often made as a high school salesgirl in a local retail shop.
Posted on June 5, 2024

It was the truth AND it helped sell the shirt.

It was a certain brand that teenagers wore (at that time) and the fit was to accentuate that area of the body.

“It’s a great dress to throw on for the pool and it has pockets for your keys” was a comment I would make to moms looking at a casual cover-up.

It was the truth AND it helped sell the dress.

In neither case was I speaking about the details of the clothes (brand, fabric, etc).

I was speaking to a transformation.
I connected the dots on why the garment would solve the problem they had.

I could sell to teenagers, moms, and grown men because I showed them how the items would solve their problems.

>> How can you do this in your business right NOW? <<

Do not tell your audience all the features of your service but DO break down the result for them.

This gets weaved into every piece of content you have.
Even if it’s not a ‘sales’ post.
If you’re having trouble speaking to the transformation your clients will get, you’re losing sales!

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