Testimonial Tuesday!
Posted on March 8, 2022

If I’m being honest, I was terrified when I transitioned my business from solely bookkeeping to advisory almost a year ago.  But I knew that so many business owners needed me to step out of my comfort zone, so I went for it!

I’m so glad I did because I’ve been able to serve people like Janelle, who had this experience from our strategic planning session.

Side Note: When I work on strategic planning with business owners, I want them to have action items they walk away with and to be held accountable.

Meet Janelle…prior to our planning session, she did not have an understanding of her ‘big picture’ and she lacked organization of thoughts.  

This wasn’t a good feeling at all and she felt stuck in stagnant mode.  We did an hour of strategic planning and she walked away with a tangible document to get her started and to continue as she moves forward.  She said the session was helpful and provided several strategies she can implement now.  

Her advice to anyone on the fence to work with me in this process?  “Don’t wait, you can only benefit from this work!”

Her heartfelt words gave me all the warm fuzzies, There’s so much joy in what I do, and for that, I am so thankful!

Thank you, Janelle- it was such an honor to work with you and I can’t wait to watch your business grow!

This is a great place to toot your own horn! 

What client testimonials/results are you proud of?