Taxes- What Comes Up For You?
Posted on February 10, 2022


How does that word make you feel? What comes up for you there?

I know what shouldn’t come up:

-anxiety about what you owe or if you owe too much

-stress about how to pay

-Googling answers because you don’t know what to do or who to talk to

Instead, you CAN feel:

-confident that your numbers are correct

-empowered because you know what to expect and how to save

-validated that your business decisions are right for you because you have the reports to back it up

That’s what we do here for you!

We want you to know your numbers, pay yourself, save for taxes/rainy day, and be confident that you understand what’s going on!

I work with your tax CPA to make sure they have everything they need for taxes and work with them through the year to make sure everything is correct as we go along.

If you need a little extra help- let’s chat! Link in my bio for a free call. Tax season CAN be an easy experience!

Jordan Ilderton