Tax Loophole? Read This!
Posted on March 14, 2023

Things you don’t need 👇

❎ A fancy tax CPA that gets you all the ‘loopholes’.

❎ A complicated ‘scheme’ or ‘strategy’.

Things you do need 🤗

🙌 Good numbers


🙌 Good data

Because a business expense that isn’t recorded is a business expense that isn’t deducted for taxes.

The same goes for the personal money you spend on the business but don’t bother recording in the books. It’s not a deductible expense if it’s not recorded.

Which means your net profit is too high.

In order to maximize your tax savings you need everything accurately accounted for.

Our 1:1 VIP clients LOVE to have this service included!

It makes it sooo easy to pull the data and know they’re making decisions with sound facts NOT because of a mindset block or an old story or a self-limiting belief!

Our VIP clients KNOW the best way to run their business is using the data that is at our fingertips!

We build reports and dashboards so we have it in ‘real time’ and they can tweak their strategy along the way.

They AREN’T going into a strategy blindly and hoping that it works!

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