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Posted on March 25, 2024

If you feel like you work around the clock for your done-for-you services and….

still can’t pay yourself $10k months and…

are starting to wonder if it’s ‘even worth it anymore?’

✅YOU are in a great position to scale!

Those same skills that make you feel burned out and underpaid are the exact skills to take + repackage as an offer that supports clients on a deeper level AND that commands a higher price tag.

Some of the BEST courses, coaches, and mentors first did DFY and were in the trenches. It’s how all their knowledge and experience make them uniquely qualified and ready to support clients on a deeper level.

Think about Jasmine Star….she makes millions now, and that’s all as a result of leveraging her DFY services and skillsets and turning them into high-ticket scalable offers.

As someone who pivoted from a $35/hour bookkeeper 8️⃣ years ago to someone who has $20k cash months as a 1:1 coach….I’ve been on both sides of this, I know EXACTLY what it takes and what steps you need to know how to go from charging hourly as a DFY service provider to creating and successfully selling out high ticket offers.

And I know, I’m the BEST person to support you if you’re ready to start PAYING yourself $10k months or more.

Ready to trade hourly pay for $10k months? Your best next step is to grab my FREE Strategy Session: Create Your High Ticket Offer. Together, we’ll get clear on how to repackage your DFY services into high-ticket coaching, consulting, courses, or masterminds.

On this call, we’ll identify your DFY skills that are perfect to combine into a unique offer that will help you go deeper with your clients to not only be the ‘hands’ in their business but the ‘brain’ as well (psst: the ‘brain’ gets paid more).

You’ll walk away with an offer that you can roll out to premium clients who are excited to pay your rates because they see this additional value that only YOU can bring to the table.

Comment ‘YES’ or DM me for a link to my schedule!

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