Stuck at $3k or even $5k months as a DFY service provider no matter how many hours you work or clients you book?
Posted on June 5, 2024

Here’s what will get you $10k months without working 24/7! ⤵️

8 years ago I was in your shoes and when I *finally* made it to $5k months I realized the brutal truth:

😫 I was maxed out on time. I would wake up at 4AM sometimes to get it all done.

❌ I was maxed out on service. I literally couldn’t take on ANY more clients.

🛑 I was maxed out at the price I could charge.

How did I get to $10k and $20k months?

I made a game-changing decision to create a new, high-ticket offer and shift from DFY to DWY services. 🤯

This pivot wasn’t just a change: it was a complete transformation in what I did and how I ran my business that led me to $20k months!

Now it’s YOUR turn to make Your Six-Figure Switch! I’m not talking about just scaling financially; I’m talking about reclaiming your ⏰ and breaking free from the constraints that have held you back from actually enjoying your business and money (remember when you thought you’d go to the gym in the middle of the day or volunteer at your kid’s school when you started your DFY services, now you can!)

In my FREE training: How the savviest DFY service providers pivot to DWY for $10k (plus) months you’ll learn how to book $1500-$3k/month clients so that you can boost your revenue and gain back precious hours in your day.

If you’re a web designer, copywriter, bookkeeper, CPA, VA, OBM, social media manager, photographer, or any other DFY service provider who has plateaued at $3k-$5k months this is for you…

It’s not just another training…

It’s a clear path to a 🌎 where $10k plus months are your new norm!

When you grab my FREE Six-Figure Switch training, you’re getting my step-by-step method for booking premium clients and making this a reality (all to your 📥).

You’ll walk away with the structure to multiply your monthly revenue and get your ⏰ back!

It’s time YOU make the strategic shift that the savviest DFY service providers are making!

Comment “SWITCH” or grab the 🔗 in my bio to sign up!

Your future $10k (plus) months await! 🍾

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