Strategic Planning
Posted on August 13, 2021

“Keep reaching for the stars because stars don’t have arms to reach for you.” -Pageant Talk from SNL circa 2010

Seriously…the ‘Pageant Talk’ skit on SNL with Zack Galafianakis is a favorite of mine!  If you haven’t seen it….Look. It. up. Now.  This quote is so funny and so true!

I hear so many business owners who have big dreams.  They want to make seven figures this year.  They want to get their brand in another location or open another location.  They want to hire people so they can work less and be with family more.  They want to get some training so they can offer a completely new amazing service.

As always, I ask, “Tell me about your plan to get there.”  Blank stare.  I get it- I love big hopes and dreams but don’t let them sit as wishful thinking!  

Visualize that big month, or new location, or less work in terms of your time, your expenses, your team, your offers, your financing, your current training…We do this to create your operating budget.  Let’s look at your revenue and its capacity to handle more expenses for the new software, contractors, etc…and let’s see how cash flow is impacted.

We need to plan and create a map for those big/hairy goals if you’re going to get there.  Let’s work together- your success is inevitable!