Let’s do it!

Strategic planning party!

Five days of the exact plan I walk through with my 1:1 clients to help you take home more money and pay yourself more!

What is it?

Five Days of Profit planning: start the year right

Define your vision

We’ll dive deep into why you started your business and what you want out of it.  Whether you are a new or a seasoned entrepreneur, this is an important step and is key, especially as we move into the New Year!  Let’s look at your core values and use them to build the business YOU love and gets you the profit YOU want.

Define Your Process and who you serve

We’ll figure out exactly the process that feels good to you and serves your clients/customers.  We’ll get super clear on who you want to serve and the problem(s) you help them solve.  Knowing how you serve your clients/customers will help you get clear on the profit of each product/service and how to create more of it!  We will use this phase to create a framework for how you most effectively serve your people AND that feels good to you!

Define your plan

Let’s tease out what you want your business to look like one year from now!  What’s your vision for January 2024?  Then we’ll take your vision and break it into small chunks so you can take action RIGHT NOW with steps that will help you take home more profit and pay yourself more!  Creating a map is THE way momentum is made and built! 

My experience (from 7 years of working with business owners) is that showing up with intention and consistency is the key to creating that ‘POP’ moment where your business is full of ease and you bring home the pay you want.

Creating a plan keeps you consistent when things get hard or you don’t know where to start.  Small, bite-sized steps are our goal to bring you more profit AND feel amazing creating a business you love!

“It makes me feel more confident in my ability to sit down and actually figure things out! I feel like all business owners can really benefit from this.”


“Don’t wait….you can only benefit from this work.”


“I’m excited to take control of my business and personal finances and am blissful for the changes that forthcoming.”


The details

who? what? when? where? how?


Who?   Anyone who wants to get clear on the vision and KNOW their plan to bring in more profit/pay themlseves more! Whether you’re a new entrepreneur or seasoned- this is a process for everyone who likes to pay themselves!


What?   Five days of the exact plan I walk through with my 1:1 clients.


When?  This party starts January 23, 2023 for the live version but you can join anytime after.

Where?  Right in your Inbox!

How?  Just sign up in the form below. You’ll immediately receive a “Welcome” email so check your ‘junk’ box if not!  This is designed to be easy for you to digest and consume in 5 minutes (or less) a day!  You won’t miss a beat of your summer fun and can still get all the profit planning benefits!