Sometimes we subconsciously block ourselves from money. 🙅🏻‍♀️
Posted on July 23, 2022

I know it sounds crazy but hear me out…

Making more money usually represents a CHANGE. And change can be tough/scary/uncertain!

I see it with my clients (and honestly myself) all the time.

We ask ourselves, “How will I handle the extra work? I may have to hire. Where do I even go to do that?”

We think, “I’ll have to learn to do ___________(fill in the blank).”

We have stories that we’ve told ourselves about how much we really need or what is an “appropriate” salary.

Each of these questions sends us into a tailspin and hold us back from making revenue, growing the business we love, and more take-home income. 🤪

Here’s what I say…

YES 👉 You may have extra work (more than you can handle) but we can figure that out! Who can we bring in? What would that job description look like? Let’s get that going!

YES 👉 You may need to learn new things but you can literally learn anything on the internet. I like to say, “I can figure things out”. It may seem scary but there is a way to learn new things and implement them.

I see so many business owners *keep* themselves stuck…yes I said “keep” because they are comfortable where they are.

They want to make more money but don’t want the change that comes with it.

I KNOW that when female business owners have more money and more resources it improves our whole community…after all a rising tide raises all boats! I’ve seen this in my community and numerous studies back this up.

Each business owner I work with has an amazing contribution to her community and world!

If you feel like you’re holding back because more revenue and more profit would represent something scary, book a FREE Get Honest With Your Strategy to Scale Call!

On this call, we’ll figure out why you’re holding back and create steps you can implement now to scale with peace and more profit 🔗📲

Jordan Ilderton

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