Sometimes the stars literally have to align for me to go shark’s teeth hunting ✨
Posted on July 23, 2022
Between work meetings, the tides, school pick-up/drop-offs, and the weather, my trips can be far and few between.

We do this in our business as well. We think that the stars have to align to be Peaceful + Profitable in our business. Or we think it’s something other business owners achieve but is allusive to us.

Cue the record scratch…YOU get to create a Peaceful + Profitable business! 💃🏻

After building my own successful, profitable, and peaceful business that gives me more take-home income working part-time than any full-time job ever did….here’s what I know:
Peace + Profit is NOT a ‘secret formula’ that other business owners have that you’re missing.

The first step is getting intentional. We start with planning for the business and income we love.

Just like if I don’t set an intention to use ‘spare time’ to look for shark’s teeth…it won’t happen!

Let’s use this beautiful summer to set yourself up for more Peace + Profit in the fall! Join me for 5 minutes a day in my Profit Planning Challenge!

This is the exact process I start with all of my 1️⃣:1️⃣ advisory clients where we walk through simple steps to intentionally set up their business for more success and more take home income.

We will use the 5 days to set up the #1 structure every business needs to run like a well-oiled machine! We will use YOUR vision and core values to set your foundation for peace and more profit.

This is FREE to sign up and you will receive daily emails with a video and fillable PDF you can complete in 5 minutes a day! You will also be in our Facebook group the Peaceful + Profitable Entrepreneur to receive support, get questions answered, and cheer each other on.

Don’t wait for the ✨ to align, take 5 minutes a day NOW to create your peaceful + profitable business. Sign up with the link in my bio! 📲