Social media is fake…here are some things I’ve never shared before…
Posted on June 5, 2024

Do you know what a My Skin Buddy is?  Well, I used mine backward for 2 years!

I’ve also gotten dates wrong for kids’ birthday parties…we’ve either missed them or shown up on the wrong day!

For someone who has their sh** together…sometimes I don’t!

A friend recently joked that she sees me online ‘having it all together’ and she knew that I used My Skin Buddy backwards for 2 years!

In my defense…people complimented my skin so it must have done something 😂 @rockbeautychs

I’ve also been at the dentists with my girls and while we’re waiting one asks, “Mom, are you sure you have the right day?”

And at this point…I can’t even be insulted!

For someone who has so many balls in the air as a wife, mom, multi 6 figure biz owner…sometimes I let the plastic ones drop.

And I just have to laugh about it!

Meanwhile, we have family traditions (like mommy/daughter bday facials and a month in the mountains in July) they know I never miss.

My girls know I’m here 100% even when I get things ‘wrong’.
And am willing to be the mom that admits it!

On the biz side, my clients know I show up 100% for their sessions.

My clients get more hands on support in-between their sessions than most coaching clients.

They know I am genuinely in their corner.

And my social media manager knows I’ll write a live promo and leave off the title… @kristy_zumwalt_

Both sides can be true and live together ❤️

I hope this helps you give yourself some grace.

Yeah…we can mix things up and STILL be ‘getting it right’.

You’re doing more than you think.
You’re doing better than you think.

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