Sliding into someone’s DMs with ‘How long have you been a coach?’
Posted on January 23, 2024

Doesn’ ❌

If it does ‘work’ on someone it’s because that person is probably SO desperate to just find the ‘secret’ and they’re willing to pay anyone who acts like they’ve got it all figured out.

My clients increase their revenue by tens of thousands of $$ because they’re building genuine relationships with their audience.

NOT sending spammy DMs.

They have the data at their fingertips that most business owner just don’t.

Or that other business coaches just can’t provide for their clients.

My 1:1 clients get to feel so d*** good about selling bc the person on the other end ACTUALLY wants to hear their pitch.

The potential client feels so supported and so held in their decision making process.

This is the difference between booking clients on repeat while having fun in the process and feeling slimy and gross.

If you’re ready for some support to have clarity around the actions that will book clients for you in a way that feels good…you’re my type of person and I’ve got two Creating $10k Monthly Recurring Revenue intensives opening in February!

Is one meant to be yours?

DM for a convo about what this 1:1 support could look like for you.

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