She’s no longer with us…
Posted on June 5, 2024

The version of me who used to work 24/7 in my DFY services, maxed out at $4k months, and sacrificed precious time with my 3 daughters.

Tell me I’m not the only one who decided I was meant for more?

3️⃣ years ago I was a bookkeeper working every spare second (sometimes getting up at 4AM) just to get it all done when I realized…

I am meant for MORE!

👉More revenue + take home pay.
👉More enjoyment + supporting clients on a deeper level
👉More freedom with my work + time with my family.

If you’re here…my guess is that you’ve realized your DFY services were great but…

YOU were meant for more.

You realize that you have a specific set of skills that other people who are charging higher rates…just don’t have!

You see other DWY business owners offering services that command a high price tag and you think, “I could do that!”

I see you and I got you!

I’ve done the hard work and I know how to take one-funnel to six and multi-six figures for a business that can 3X your revenue while you support fewer clients and enjoy more time with your family.

✅Take this as your sign AND your loving kick in the pants!

If you know you’re ready to 3X your revenue while supporting fewer clients and enjoying more freedom…

Join me on a Creating $10k Monthly Recurring Revenue Intensive, where you’ll get my 1:1 support to help you repackage your DFY skills into an offer people are willing to pay top dollar for,

Or hone your messaging so that you attract right fit clients who see working with YOU as their best next step and are ready to invest,

Or create a holistic marketing strategy so that you can easily get visible in front of your audience and other audiences.

OR you just aren’t selling your high-ticket offer and don’t know what the problem to solve is.

>> DM me “support” to get the details and access to my calendar to schedule a free coaching consul to discuss intensive focus, coaching fit, and availability.

Typically, my clients work with me for a minimum of six months but I’m opening two of these weeklong coaching intensives in June because I know that you’re the kind of person who needs who knows they’re meant for more and ready to start building momentum now!

DM me “support” so that you can grab a best-fit call before these spots are filled and don’t open again until August!

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