SEVEN Years With A Client
Posted on February 5, 2023

We’re celebrating SEVEN years of working with Holly Thorpe and @wildcraft.chs

The first time Holly and I met…we were in her shop…she had brown paper on the windows and the shelves were empty and I had a five-month-old baby sleeping in a car seat next to me!

We used to live near South Windermere, so after I had my second daughter, I would walk the stroller down to her shop to pick up the monthly documents.
She would help me navigate the double-stroller through the door and I’d pick up whatever essential oils I needed to help the babies sleep.

I recently took all three daughters in so I could get some luxurious body oil and lip gloss!


It is so amazing for them to walk around and see the beautiful products and how fun self-care can be. It’s definitely a lesson I want them to learn early AND *please* don’t break anything 🙂

It is WILD to me to think back all these years later! I sooo cherish this long-term relationship and seeing her grow as an entrepreneur.

Cheers to you Holly Thorpe and another seven years with @wildcraft.chs ❤️

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Holly Thorpe