Set Those Intentions
Posted on November 26, 2021

I was just coasting, never really going anywhere.” -Kacey Musgraves

The holidays are officially here!  Yayyyyyy!  Let’s set our intentions now.

I know- this is new for me too but hear me out!  Every year I basically coast through the season.  I’m trying to balance work with my kid’s school events, cookie making, card making, seeing friends, celebrating my birthday, celebrating family birthdays…the list goes on and on.

As I’m sure yours does as well!  This year let’s try something different.

Let’s set an intention for how we want to FEEL when we’re on the other side of the New Year.  Without setting an intention we run the risk of getting to 2022 and feeling…unsatisfied/tired/burned out.  That is NOT how I want to go into 2022.

What does this look like in a practical way?  

  1. Start by setting 2-4 intentions.  Write them down.
  2. Communicate them to your team, your spouse, your family, whoever!  
  3. Then ask your team, your spouse, your family what their intentions are.  See if you can line yours up with theirs.  If not, figure out how they can at least coincide.

Ex.  You may want to continue working full throttle but your team is traveling for the holidays and wants to start taking it easy.  Maybe there is a way for you to continue working and give your team a break!  Or the team shows up 100% for certain days during the holiday season.  Get creative!

  1. Plan out how to make your intentions a reality.  Look at your calendar.  Look at it from a birds-eye view and see how you make those intentions come alive!

Here’s an example for me with my business.  My intentions are to feel peaceful and joyful.  I also intend to create peace and joy with my clients and their work.  

To create peace, I’m starting now to prepare for January which is my busiest season!  I’m making sure I have client information to create engagement letters.  I have a spreadsheet of how my team will split up the additional work and who is doing what.  I have a timeline to send out the engagement letters and deadlines for information being returned.  We’ve started training on the 1099 process and how the “flow” works.  The joy comes along with this- I love my work so what seems tedious to others- is JOY to me!

For my clients, I’ll work with them in December to plan for 2022.  We’ll talk about their strategic plan for the upcoming year.  What does their revenue calendar look like?  What does their advertising and marketing calendar look like and how do we make it better by using the previous year’s costs and results?  Do they plan to hire more employees or purchase fixed assets?  How can we even out the cash flow or obtain additional financing?  Clients have told me that these simple strategies create so much peace in their life.  Not to mention increased profitability and a business that they love!

Obviously, we can’t plan for everything or control everything.  But we can set our intentions. 

I want to start 2022 thriving…from a place of peace and joy.  Contact me if you need help with this!

Did you know I offer 90-minute 1:1 intensives?  Let’s talk about your strategic plan and systems and processes.  We can deep dive and use these to set your intentions and create a plan.  DM me for the link to sign up!

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