Running a business is kind of like taking yoga 🧘🏻‍♀️
Posted on September 9, 2022

Recently, I took up yoga again (thank you @theworkschs )! {➡️ to see that post-yoga glow!}

Between having 3️⃣ kids and the pandemic 🦠 it had been YEARS since I’d been to a yoga class.

At first, I couldn’t do the poses I used to do. My body needed to slowly get back into them. During each class, I would stretch a little farther than the previous time. 💪

I stretched so that I was uncomfortable but not in pain. Pain can equal injury.

This is such a great analogy for how we show up as business owners!

As humans, we aren’t actually built for success.

We are built for survival.

Our brains want to keep us safe!

Which is great for our species but not necessarily great for our business.

Our business needs us to get uncomfortable. Our business needs us to stretch and to try new things.

Being complacent in our business *feels* safe but it keeps us from making more revenue, taking on more clients, and paying ourselves more.

When we don’t stretch, we don’t grow, we don’t expand, we don’t increase our bank account and profit!

Let’s challenge your brain to get wired for success…not just surviving!

This is how you create consistent revenue and profit. The kind of results that equal more owner pay, more flexibility, and just more overall enjoyment! 🤗

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