Rain Does Not Fall On One Roof Alone
Posted on July 17, 2021

There’s never just one cloud raining on one person, and you’re never really alone.  Whatever you’re feeling someone else probably has too!  Think back in school and the teacher would always say, “If you have a question someone else probably has the same one.”

Something I’ve noticed with business owners is that we feel pulled in so many directions!  We may have a moment and waste it because we’re not exactly sure what we should be working on OR there are so many things to work on we just hop on social media instead!  I’m guessing something similar to that has happened to you.

Time blocking can change that!  Time blocking is a way to prioritize and schedule specific tasks and activities on your calendar.  It helps you structure your day and can decrease the decision overload that we sometimes have.

It can be as simple or as complicated as you want.  The key is to make it work for you- it has so many benefits!  You can structure your day and see where time is going.  You can choose your priorities and focus on them.

One simple aspect of time blocking is to set time to check work emails/texts and to respond during that time.  If it’s not in the time block, you put it out of sight and out of mind!  When you set a specific time to respond, you will not have to think about them all day and instead, be super focused on the other activities that you are doing.

I have attached a basic spreadsheet you can start with.  First, think about your priorities in your personal life and work.  Make sure those are on the schedule first!  Time blocking also helps with those BIG projects that we delay starting because we never have a big enough chunk of time for the whole thing.  Instead of waiting to have 4 open hours to complete the whole project, just allocate one hour a week, you will get it done this month!

Here’s one to get you started- enjoy!