Posted on August 20, 2022

This subject HANDS 🙌 down kicks up more stuff for business owners!

👉🏻 ‘Can I ask people to pay that?’
👉🏻 ‘What will people think?’

These are just a couple of comments that get kicked up. Usually when we dig deeper their prices aren’t even *that* high for the value/support/experience they have!

They (the business owner) just had to get on board with it! 🤯

If we want our potential clients to be on board with our arrives and pricing WE have to 💯 % feel empowered and grounded in them!

Otherwise, it’s just a race to the bottom where no one wins!

If you’re feeling *sticky* around pricing I would love to invite you to book a FREE Get Honest With Your Strategy To Scale call!

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Knowing what your services are worth AND creating huge value for your clients is the 1️⃣st step in booking more clients and creating more revenue so you can increase your take-home pay 💰

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