Pricing and raising prices is a BIG thing
Posted on July 23, 2022

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For this business owner, her bookings went down when she increased her prices 🤦🏻‍♀️

This is common and is hard for business owners to work through. They automatically think they made the ‘wrong’ decision and think they need to backtrack.

I say, “Hold the ☎️”

Yes, initially you may see a drop off but let’s tweak our sales process before we throw the new pricing out the 🪟

Let’s talk sales process-

👉🏻 BEFORE a call- make sure you are speaking to objections in your content! Let people you know and understand exactly how they feel and walk them though that!

👉🏻 DURING the call- Hold space for their objections. Remember, we aren’t trying to get them to a “yes” we are helping them make the best decision for THEM. Really listening to what they have to say is the 1️⃣st step!

👉🏻 AFTER the call- Follow-up multiple times. There are lots of stats out there that show the sale isn’t made on the first point of contact (or even the 2️⃣ or 3️⃣ or 4️⃣). By following up with them, you show that you care, are accessible, and are wanting it to be an easy process for them if they’re busy!

She walked away from this call with some amazing action steps to take NOW in her sales process.

What are you waiting for? Is there something you’d like support around in your sales process?

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